Free downloadable e-book on how the prosecutor will seek to prove your violation

This 50-page guide for drunk-driving prosecutors gives you an insider’s look at how prosecutors present their cases at trial. It includes the arguments prosecutors make, the questions they ask witnesses, and the attacks they make on common defenses.

1. Common prosecution themes
2. 14 items they look for in police reports
3. The statements you made which they examine closely
4. Juror-screening questions prosecutors will ask
5. How prosecutors seek to preempt defense arguments
6. Questions they will ask the arresting officer
7. Strategies for being more persuasive
8. How to weaken common defense arguments
9. Cross-examining defense witnesses
10. Effective closing arguments

Free bonus: 7 tips for drunk-driving clients
1. Write these items down
2. How to find a good drunk-driving lawyer
3. Learning how the prosecutor ranks your drunk-driving case
4. Was your stop lawful?
5. The rising alcohol defense
6. What other defenses are available?
7. Will you be asked to testify?

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